Literal Pews News

We are hoping to begin our Makeover Project in July and are in the final stages of getting this ready. An early part of the work will be to remove some of the pews at the West End of the church. We’d love these to go to a good home in the village!

At the moment we there’s four smaller “normal” pew still available (approx 186(w) x 54(d) x 90(h) cm), one two larger “normal” pews (236(w) x 54(d) x 90(h) cm) and two of the more ornamental pews (230(w) x 46(d) x 107(h) cm). There are also some wooden benches.

Please contact us if you’re interest in one in exchange for a small donation to church funds.

You’ll need to collect and transport the pew yourself within a few days of being notified of availability (depending on the contractors schedule, probably first few weeks of July). All pews are free-standing, but have brackets that would allow it to be screwed into the floor. Pew cushions may be available.

Page last updated on Thursday 8th June 2023 by Michael Bigg