Funerals are an important part of our ministry at St Andrew’s. We seek to offer pastoral care and high-quality funeral services to those who need them.

Anyone who lives in Girton is entitled to have their funeral service in the church. We are also happy to conduct a service at the crematorium for a Girton resident if required. If you’re planning a funeral the best thing to do is to ask your funeral director to get in touch with us.

We know that family and friends often live all over the world nowadays. We therefore offer the ability to live stream funerals online so those who can’t get there in person can also participate.

Planning your own funeral

Many people want to help their next-of-kin by planning for their own funeral. By doing this you can help your loved ones know what you want and ensure your funeral is appropriate. If you would like help to plan your funeral please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you think it through.

Burials and Interment of Ashes

All residents of Girton, and those on the Electoral Roll of the Church, are entitled to be buried in the churchyard or to have their ashes interred. On rare occasions we may permit the burial of those who don’t automatically qualify where there are strong pastoral reasons to do so, but this is at the discretion of the Rector in consultation with the PCC and Church Wardens.

If you have some ashes you would like to be buried then please contact us.

Headstones and memorial tablets

It is common to mark burial sites with a headstone or memorial tablet. The rules for what is permitted are governed by Diocese of Ely and can be found here. If you would like to introduce a monument in the churchyard, or add an inscription, you’ll need to contact a local stone mason to make arrangements. Hibbitt Masonry and Ivett & Reed are probably the best-known local stone masons, but other specialist masons are also around (for example, the Cardozo-Kindersley workshop).

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