Committee reports are not the stuff of dreams, but much solid and necessary work gets done by the stalwarts of our Parochial Church Council. In the spirit of openness we want our records and other documents to be available to all. So, follow the links below to open them up…

PCC Members

Current membership of the PCC is

  • The Revd Michael Bigg (Rector)
  • Bruce Hunter (Church Warden)
  • Wendy Hunter (Church Warden)
  • Martyn Johnson (Treasurer)
  • Sheila Hiley (Deanery Synod Rep)
  • Malini Jesudason (Deanery Synod Rep)
  • Christina Deacon (LLM)
  • Dugald Wilson (LLM)
  • Geoff Burt
  • Alasdair Lorimer
  • Jenny Knights
  • The Revd Christine Barrow (co-opted)

We greatly value the support of Dr John Hall for fulfilling the role of PCC Secretary.

Annual Reports

PCC Minutes

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