Our Prayer Room

The Peace of Centuries

We have a room where anyone can spend time being still, reflecting, thinking, praying, being: a place that echoes the peace of centuries in its stonework, its beams and even its graffiti.

With the very kind help of the Girton Town Charity, the room has been restored by the Parochial Church Council for use as a resource by the whole community. It is, in the nature of the whole building, a medieval place and as such it has a medieval spiral stone stair leading to its entrance door. This is steep and uneven, but proper lighting and a stout rope handrail have been installed to make it as secure as possible. Floor cushions, chairs and a prayer desk are all provided for use as people think fit.

Users are asked to leave the door open and the stair light on if they use the room, to indicate that someone is present: this could be invaluable if you are in there at the end of the day when the church is locked as it tells the Verger that someone is present. The room itself is well lit by natural light and, when needed, modern electric lighting.

You are invited to make use of this room as a place for your individual quiet time to maintain the continuity of peace, prayer and love that Girton’s ancient parish church represents. To unlock the door speak to any of the Church ministry team.