In Memory – 5th November

Every year we hold a service called In Memory. It’s a service designed to create a space for those who are grieving to have time to remember loved ones and to look forward in hope. This year it’s happening on Sunday 5th November at 6pm.

During the service there’s an opportunity to reflect and to light candles, and we also read out the list of names of those we are asked to remember.

Whether your grief is recent or you still grieve for someone who died a long time ago you are very welcome to join us for the service.

You are invited to submit names to be remembered during the service. We’ll read out the names whether you can come in person or not (and some people find comfort in knowing that their loved one is named, even if they can’t be there). If you would like to submit any names to be remembered please email them to

Do contact us if you have any questions about the service!