News from Friends of St Andrew’s (FOSA)

Below is a recent statement from the FOSA Commitee:

FOSA, the Friends group of St Andrew’s church, Girton, was launched in 1993 in an appeal
to raise money for urgent restoration work, an extension to the churchyard and the construction of a meeting room attached to the northwest corner of the church, known as the North Room. The launch of FOSA also had the aim to help to bring the church community together socially, and even to reach out to the village at large.

Since 2000 a small committee has continued to organise fundraising events for other restoration needs and the improvement of the church, its contents, and its grounds. However, particularly because of the restrictions imposed by the Covid pandemic, the committee has found that support for FOSA events has waned and, with great regret, believes that it is now time to rethink how our community interacts and whether these activities are the best way of fundraising. The committee has taken the view that the time has come to disband and bring its fundraising activities to an end.

Below is a list of the projects undertaken and completed with the funds so generously provided by everyone who has so loyally supported FOSA in its aims, and to whom our heartfelt thanks are offered.

FOSA Commitee – March 2023
  • Funds raised for the North Room and restoration of the organ
  • Conservation of the chancel screen
  • New cupboards in the north west corner
  • Pew cushions and carpeting in the church and vestry
  • Improvement of internal lighting
  • Installation of floodlighting
  • New Rectors’ board
  • A new south door
  • Acoustic ceiling panels to the North Room
  • The purchase of staging
  • New notice boards in the south porch
  • Refurbishment of shed in the churchyard
  • Contribution to re-ordering
  • Camera equipment
  • Contribution to clock repairs
  • Balance in hand to PCC towards the restoration of the Royal Coat of Arms

Michael adds: We are all hugely thankful to Alastair, Trish, Richard, Valerie, Adrian, Nora and all who have contributed to FOSA over the years. In due course we hope that a new social and fundraising arm for St Andrew’s will emerge.