Choir Church Trip to Selwyn College

Our Choir Church had a brilliant trip to Selwyn College Chapel.

We arrived shortly after 5pm and sat in on the choir’s rehearsal. Watching the choir work on a piece was inspiring as we saw them develop their musical interpretation. It was great to see how the Director of Music, Sarah MacDonald, drew out exactly what she wanted. We could tell that the choir were having fun as well as improving.

Watching the rehearsal

After the rehearsal we enjoyed sandwiches, fruit and biscuits together, before attending the service of Choral Evensong. The service included the music we’d heard being rehearsed, as well as a 3-minute “micro-sermon” from one of the choir members.

Sign to our sandwiches

Once the service had finished the children enjoyed elderflower or raspberry cordial, while the adults were offered sherry. A good evening all round!

Thanks very much to Arabella Milbank Robinson, Chaplain at Selwyn, and Sarah MacDonald, Director of Music, for the hospitality!

For now Choir Church will be taking a break, but there’s lots of other stuff for Children and Young People.