Church Makeover Update

After many years we are now very pleased to say that we are making good progress with our planned makeover of the west end of the church.

The plans include:

  • removing the pews at the very back of the church
  • laying a new stone floor
  • construction of cupboards against the west wall
  • using these new cupboards as the base for a new gallery
  • the introduction of a servery area in the NW corner of the church
Drawing of the proposed flooring
Proposed flooring

The PCC are pleased at the ability to open up the back of the church to a wider range of uses, including social events, especially now that there are too many of us to fit in the North Room after Sunday services.

Drawing of the proposed West Wall
Drawing of the proposed west wall

The process is now in the public consultation phase. If you have any objections to the plans you must write to the Diocesan Register by 31st March 2023 to express them. (The formal public consultation notice can be found here, which includes details of how to object.)

The complete package of information about the plans can be found be clicking the button below. Please contact us if you have any questions!