The Bible Course – Wow!

WOW! This Bible study course really did have the wow factor.

We romped through the whole Bible from beginning to end, from Genesis to Revelation, learning about the history of the Jewish nation, the geography of the area, the many leaders and their followers, the prophecies leading up to Jesus’ time and then all that happened in the New Testament.

Eight of us met at Dugald’s house, a lovely, relaxed place to be. We had 8 weekly sessions of about one and a half hours.The series was written by The Bible Society with a course booklet for each of us. Each week we had a list of readings to study before the session. The weekly video was very well presented by two enthusiastic young people,and there were two stops for discussions. It was always easy to follow and understand. I found it all very interesting and informative without being overwhelming in any way. It has given me a new confidence and interest in reading the Bible.

I thoroughly recommend joining a group if the sessions are offered again.
– Wendy