What’s on for kids at St Andrew’s this summer – and next term?

If you walk through St Andrew’s Churchyard on a Sunday morning this summer, you might come across St Andrew’s for Kids, our weekly group for children. Most are aged between 3 and 12 but we’re delighted when babies and toddlers join us, and teenagers are always welcome! Weather permitting, we’ll be going outdoors during the 10 am service to hear a story, talk together, and work with a range of materials (paints, pens, modelling clay, building bricks and natural materials) to let our imaginations flow.  Throughout August we’ll be sharing stories of saints of the British Isles – starting, of course, with Saint Andrew.  Who was he anyway?  Did he actually live in Girton? And why do we see the flag of Scotland all over our church?

St Andrew’s for Kids happens almost every Sunday of the year – except on the second Sunday of each month, when we stay in church for an all-age service. You’ll usually find us in the North Room at the back of church, and we always have two adult leaders who are trained and DBS checked.

Why not bring your children along one week to see what we do? You’d be welcome to stay with them the first time, if you wish, but most parents stay in church. You might find that it’s a bit different from the traditional Sunday School. We encourage children and adults to learn from and listen to each other. We try to use all our senses as we play and reflect together on some of life’s big questions and challenges, and we accept that none of us has all the answers. The children will become familiar with stories from the Bible and the Christian tradition, and (we hope) learn to recognise the presence of a playful and creative God in their lives.

To find out more, contact Eona Bell, our Children and Families Minister

Page last updated on Monday 7th August 2023 by Eona Bell