The Bible Course – Week 5 – We’ve “done” the Old Testament!

With one leap we finished the Old Testament! The Exile(s), first of Israel (722BC) and then of Judah (586BC), Elijah, Jonah, Daniel and the minor prophets all covered in a week. Admittedly, by session 2 we did decide to start our sessions earlier to give us more time to discuss the material.

What a pace! But what a brilliant overview of the structure and message of the Old Testament. Through it all we have read of God’s constant faithfulness to his covenant people, irrespective of what they do, and how far they stray from his commandments. Israel really tested God’s patience through the centuries, yet God was there, waiting and wanting his people to return to him. That’s a message for us all to take to heart.

So, next session we enter the New Testament with the Gospels – more familiar territory for many and quite a suitable switch as Lent begins. As we prepare for Easter and think about what God has done for us in sending his Jesus Christ to die for us, let us remember that message which is so clear even in the Old Testament, that God is there, wanting us to come to him in penitence and faith.

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