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Alleluia. Christ is risen.
He is risen indeed. Alleluia.


Ascension Day Service Today 


Please note that our next attended service is on Ascension Day, today Thursday (13th) at 7pm.

One of Mackay's finest rockets will be let off directly before the service. Always a good talking point.

N.B.!! There'll be sparkling wine served outside afterwards.

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Action Abroad Mad May Quiz 2021

Click here to take part in the Action Abroad Mad May Quiz 2021


Thy Kingdom Come

With 10 days of prayer for "Thy Kingdom Come" starting on Thursday 13th May, we are excited to share the Thy Kingdom Come app. This is a wonderful discipleship tool for all ages, with content for adults, youth and children, created to spiritually nourish and encourages prayer during the eleven days of Thy Kingdom Come.

All of the key resources are featured on this free app and is a wonderful and accessible way for individuals and families to journey through this time of prayer.  You can download the app from the Google Play store here and the Apple App store here.


Our Church is Now Open for All Services
The 10am Sunday services will also be online.


Annual Parochial Church Meeting 
This Sunday 16th May 2021

Please note that following this Sunday's 10am service there will be this year's APCM that you can either attend or participate through the Zoom link by clicking here.

Click here to see this 10am service live on the Girton & Madingley YouTube Channel. The readings for this service can be found in Pews News, look top left of here for the Pews News page.

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To see a recording of the funeral of David Gibbs please click here.


Isn't our churchyard looking lovely. Scroll down to see three photos (including the one above) that Bruce, one of our wonderful wardens, took.


Please click here to see how to get in contact with the ministry team for pastoral support if needed.


Public Notices

Click here to see the public notice for the church heating.
here to see the consultation information pack for the above.
here to see the public notice for this year's APCM.


Weekday Prayer

Morning Prayer will be said every week on Wednesday and Thursday at 9am on Zoom, and Compline (Night Prayer) will be said at 9pm on Thursdays also on Zoom. To access these services please click this link a few minutes before the service starts. Alternatively, use these details:

Zoom Meeting ID: 999 6982 5451
Passcode: 476091

We are hoping to produce paper worship resources for those without internet access. If you know of anyone who would appreciate these being put through their door then please get in touch by emailing


We are Inviting Applications for Enrolment on the Church Electoral Roll

Anyone who is baptized and either lives in the parish or has worshipped here for 6 months or more can apply to join. If you're already on the roll you don't need to apply again (unless your details have changed). The deadline is Monday 26th April. If you have any questions please ask Alice Few. Click here to download the application form.



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The PCC minutes page has been updated, click the following on the left side:
The Life of Our Church


 Christine's final Sunday paper service

is now on-line, click here to read it for 28-03-2021.



A record year for Cambridge FoodBank,
click here for details.

From Saturday (20th Feb.) onwards there will be two FoodBank collection points; one in St. Andrew's Church and also one at the front door of Girton Glebe School.

The main requests are still for tinned meat and fish and vegetables — and for custard powder! They are still desperately needed; especially now. For the latest shortages please click here.

Thank you.


Domboshawa Trust newsletter

See the latest Domboshawa Trust newsletter in the "Action Abroad" page which is in our "The Life of our Church" section to the left, or just click here.


Click here to read the sermon delivered by the ArchDeacon Rev'd Alex Hughes on 3rd January 2021.


Public Notice

Please see here the Public Notice and Plans to upgrade our church electrical supply to 3-phase.


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Please note that we now have a Donations Page. For more details please click the "Giving" link on the left.

Churchyard Working Party

Would you like to give our churchyard working party a hand one Saturday? Click here for details.


PCC Minutes

To read the latest available (March 2021) PCC meeting minutes, click on "The Life of our Church" then "PCC".


See our annual PCC 2020 report here 


If you need help from, or would like to join the "Helping Girton" volunteers, click here for more details.



  Scroll down to see some great internal and external pictures of our lovely church.


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Spring 2021 pictures


2021 Spring

Spring 2020 pictures

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Church from the South 2

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