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The War Memorial outside the Parish Church on Cambridge Road and leading off towards the High Street

Good News!

As from the 15th June our church will be open for private prayer.

Whilst you are welcome to visit, it must be emphasized that this is for one person only or a group from the one household. This is not an invitation for general gatherings.

There are explanatory notices up at the church.

Hear our Reader Dugald's latest Thought for the Week (28th June) podcast.

or read the text version that also contains (at the end) Zoom meeting details where you can exchange ideas on this Thought for the Week.

or dial 01223 755091 to hear it over the telephone.

You can also hear Dugald's previous podcasts

The text is also available there.

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Meet Our New Rector

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Bishop Dagmar has issued the attached Bishop’s Pastoral Order for the parishes of Girton and Madingley. The effect of it is that Girton and Madingley remain separate parishes, but the same person will be incumbent of both of them. This perpetuates the situation which existed when Mandy Maxwell was our Rector (but we expect that the new incumbent will take regular monthly services at Madingley, which Mandy used not to do).



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Spring 2020 pictures


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