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Taizé Services


About Girton Taizé Service


The monthly Taizé service at St Andrew’s is designed to enable stillness and reflection, in the context of prayer, song and meditation. For those who come it is a peaceful oasis and a good way to mark the end of the weekend and prepare for the week ahead.


The style of worship takes its name from a Christian community in south-eastern France, close to the village of Taizé. The community is interdenominational and every year welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world. You can find out more about the Taizé community, which is dedicated to peace and reconciliation, by visiting their website.


Taize Worship


Taizé services are usually lit by lots of candles, a symbol of the spiritual light which overcomes our darkness. The best-known part of Taizé worship is the beautiful singing. Taizé ‘chants’ are short and meditative. They are often sung in four part harmony and they are repeated many times, allowing the singer to become familiar with the song and then fully absorb it as a kind of prayer. You don’t need to be a confident singer to join in. It is also fine to simply listen if you prefer.


The St Andrew’s Taizé services take place on each first Sunday in the month, in the North Room at St Andrew’s. Everyone is welcome. From 6.45pm we sing through the evening’s Taizé chants, so they will be familiar later on. The service proper begins at 7.00pm and usually lasts a little less than an hour.  Do come and experience Taizé worship for yourself.



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