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Thought For The Week Podcasts


Date           Subject

30-08-2020 Yet another of Paul’s “To do” lists Podcast Text
23-08-2020 Life and worship - seven whole days Podcast Text
16-08-2020 There’s a wideness in God’s mercy
Podcast Text
09-08-2020 Jesus is Lord Podcast Text
02-08-2020 Look at the Evidence Podcast Text
26-07-2020 Nothing gets lost in translation Podcast Text
19-07-2020 Now I am your child, I am adopted in your family Podcast Text
12-07-2020 Life in the flesh or in the Spirit Podcast Text
05-07-2020 The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak Podcast Text
28-06-2020 Slaves to sin or slaves to God?  Podcast Text
21-06-2020 The cost of discipleship  Podcast  Text

14-06-2020 The disciples become apostles Podcast  Text
07-06-2020 Trinity Sunday Podcast Text
31-05-2020 Pentecost Podcast Text
24-05-2020 The End of the Beginning Podcast Text 
17-05-2020 Paul the Apologist Podcast Text 
10-05-2020 The First Martyr Podcast Text 
03-05-2020 The Church is Born Podcast Text
26-04-2020 When the shekel drops Podcast Text
19-04-2020 Who is Jesus Podcast Text
12-04-2020 Easter Day  Podcast  Text
05-04-2020 Palm Sunday  Podcast   Text
29-03-2020 Lazarus  Podcast   Text
22-03-2020 Mothering Sunday Podcast  Text
15-03-2020 Exodus 17.1-4  Podcast   Text
08-03-2020 Psalm 121  Podcast   Text






















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