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Parochial Church Council (PCC) Minutes and Reports

PCC at work

Committee reports are not the stuff of dreams, but much solid and necessary work gets done by the stalwarts of our Parochial Church Council. In the spirit of openness we want our records and other documents to be available to all. So, follow the links below to open them up...



Annual PCC Reports and Minutes

Annual Report for the year ending 31st December 2020

Meeting of Parishioners and Annual Church Meeting, 6th September 2020
Annual PCC Report 2020


Meeting of Parishioners and Annual Church Meeting, 14th April 2019: Minutes

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting: 2019 Report

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting: 2018 Minutes

PCC minutes


January 2022
November 2021
September 2021
July 2021
June 2021
March 2021
January 2021
December 2020

Service Pattern
Makeover Briefing
Parish Giving Scheme.


2nd December 2019
4th November 2019
14th October 2019
12th August 2019


Financial Related Reports

The latest financial statement
The latest Auditor's Report
Our Budget for next year


A short video explaining Ministry Share.

Ely2025 Programme 2018-2020 and Budget Guide 2018 - Explanatory Notes


Other reports and minutes


News of the Deanery Synod: 2015.

Your PCC in action: 

an 'Awayday' meeting in Histon to think prayerfully about Mission, with the help of the Diocesan Director of Mission, Peter Wood.

The PCC discuss Mission

The PCC discussing Mission

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