Election Hustings – Thanks and Exit Poll

It was standing room only by the time the General Election hustings started last night. Just over 200 people were in the room, with a further 60 or so watching on YouTube. Many, many, questions were submitted – sorry we were only able to ask a tiny fraction!

It was good to see the candidates engaging with the audience before, during and after the event. I am hugely grateful to the candidates for their time, to the audience for turning up and listening so attentively, and to my team of volunteers who made coffee, welcomed, ushered, and made the event available online.

Exit Poll

At the end of the event, 115 people submitted their responses to our exit poll. We asked the audience 3 questions:

  • Before the event who were you intending to vote for?
  • After the event who are you intending to vote for?
  • Which candidate did you find the most impressive?

Of course, such polls come with a huge health warning. It’s just a snapshot of 115 self-selecting people and shouldn’t be taken as representative of wider voting intentions. However, it gives some sense of how those who attended last night found the candidates.

Do your own research, or perhaps watch it yourself if you couldn’t get there last night. The only poll that matters will take place on 4th July!

Before the event:

After the event

Most impressive candidate

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