General Election hustings – 24th June

[There’s an update to this post, with further details here…]

We’re really pleased to be hosting a General Election hustings for the prospective parliamentary candidates in the new St Neots and Mid-Cambs constituency. This will be taking place at 7:30pm on Monday 24th June in the church (doors open from 7pm). All of the candidates will be invited and this post will be updated as invitations are accepted.

The format of the evening will be that each candidate will have a few minutes to make an opening statement, then candidates will take written questions submitted by those present, then candidates will have another few minutes at the end to make their closing remarks. The Rector (Michael) will chair the event.

This is a great opportunity to remember that we elect and individual to represent us in the Commons and so it’s good to have a chance to hear from the people who would like that honour.

St Neots and Mid Cambs is wide open, according to the polling. The Labour, Lib Dems and Conservatives have all been forecast to take it. Your vote matters! You can see a regularly-updated list of recent polls for the constituency here.

All are welcome to this event and there’s plenty of parking nearby. The church has a toilet and will be serving refreshments as people arrive. Do come along and find out for yourself! The event is free and there’s no need to book, but you can indicate you interest via the Facebook event.

(For anyone unable to attend in person we’ll be broadcasting the event live on our YouTube channel – either join us live or catch up later).

Other events are available – please see this list for alternatives!

Please do contact us if you have any questions.


The declared candidates are listed below. There’s a bit of information about the candidates here.


  • Anthony Browne (Conservative)
  • Stephen Ferguson (Independent)
  • Kathryn Fisher (Green)
  • Guy Lachlan (Reform)
  • Marianna Masters (Labour)
  • Ian Sollom (Liberal Democrat)
  • Bev White (Party of Women)

[There’s an update to this post, with further details here…]

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